Construction & Project Management

  • Management of all construction related activities on large infrastructure contracts

  • QC inspections and sign off of structural/civil works

  • Experts in managing CPG component of contracts, skills development and training initiatives for local communities, mentoring of SMME’s and graduates

  • Management of projects in accordance with PMBOK principles


Programme Management, Monitoring and Analysis

  • Programme monitoring and review of project progress against baseline programme

  • Baseline program logic analysis and acceptance

  • Delay/affect analysis of programmes


Contractual Administration of Construction Projects

  • Experienced in managing contracts in accordance with GCC 2010, GCC 2015, FIDIC, JBCC & NEC 

  • Experienced Contract Engineer Resources available to assist on projects


Claim and Delay Analysis

  • Initial claim briefing/consultations - Determining contractual grounds for claim

  • Assistance in structuring of a claim process

  • Analysis of impact relating to the claim – extension of time analysis, cost determination etc

  • Preparation of professionally structured claims


Temporary Works Design & Inspections

  • PrEng inspections and approvals of erected scaffolding and staging

  • Temporary works design solutions for Contractors


Quality Monitoring & ISO 9001 Auditing

  • ISO 9001 compliance auditing

  • Pre-audit preparation and assistance 

  • Assessment of clients Quality Assurance system i.e. is it fit for purpose, what is missing/needed?

  • Management of Quality Control system on sites


Sustainable Developments, Infrastructure

  • Trusted eco-conscious / sustainability expert consultant

  • Use of rating tools in infrastructure projects

  • Off-grid and alternative energy sources

  • Water saving initiatives

  • Desalination considerations

  • Eco-friendly design considerations



  • Research into use of technology on construction sites

  • Alternative material use in the construction industry