Improving the quality of human life, promoting cultural diversity, training
& upskilling communities and supporting equitable opportunities



The goal of Eco Eng is to provide all stakeholders with innovative, cost effective and sustainable engineering solutions.
We pride ourselves on a personal, value added approach to our projects while still providing a systematic and bespoke solution.
With each project, our goal is to find a way to improve local communities by empowering them through our projects. By providing opportunity and support, they gain newfound skills and knowledge that enables them to actively and sustainably improve their livelihoods and future.

Striving for meaningful relationships, innovative
and sustainable solutions in all we do


Drew Wilson has a passion for innovation, sustainability and making a difference in communities through Engineering.
He is professionally registered as a Professional Engineer and Professional Construction Project Manager with ECSA and SACPCMP respectively, in addition to being a Sustainable Transport Professional (STPα) with the Greenroads™ Organization. He attained a Masters in Engineering (Project Management) from the University of Pretoria in 2012 where he completed a Dissertation in Sustainable Construction.
With 17 years related experience, Drew’s expertise includes leading large teams of construction professionals, planning, resourcing, managing and executing complex engineering projects.
As husband and a proud father to two beautiful girls, Drew’s motivation behind starting Eco Eng was to leave the world a better place for his daughters by driving a proudly South African business, founded on sustainability, innovation and creative leadership.


We believe in harnessing the potential of innovative engineering solutions by empowering the exuberance of youth and the willingness of our communities to grow and improve their livelihoods - all with the aim of a sustainable future.

Drew Wilson - EcoEng Founder



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